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Embassy of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Stockholm, Sweden

Welcome to the Embassy of Bangladesh, Stockholm

We welcome all visitors to the new interactive user-friendly website of the Embassy of Bangladesh, Stockholm. Apart from providing visitors with updated information about all aspects of life in Bangladesh, the new site will also offer them the opportunity to make enquiries or suggestions as the case may be.

Indeed, one important aspect of the improved and updated site is to make the Mission’s Consular and Immigration services more readily accessible for users who will now be able to download the various forms for passport and visa applications online as well as monitor their status, thereby saving them valuable time that would otherwise have been used on the telephone or making a physical visit to the Embassy.


Contact Information
Embassy of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
Anderstorpsvägen 12 (1 Tr.)
171 54 Solna, Sweden

Tel: +46 8 730 5850
Fax: +46 8 730 5870