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Mr. Sayyid Anwarul Karim

Born in 1928, Sayyid Anwarul Karim studied at the Universities of Calcutta and Dhaka and at the London School of Economics. He joined the Pakistan Foreign Service in 1950. At the time of War of Liberation, he was serving in New York as the Deputy Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations. He left the Pakistan government service to join the liberation movement. Returning to Bangladesh after its liberation, he became the Foreign Secretary on 16 January 1972. In July 1972, he was then sent to New York as the country’s first Permanent Observer and then the first Permanent Representative to the United Nations where he continued till 1976. He retired as Ambassador of Bangladesh to Myanmar. After retirement, he served in the United Nations as Development Adviser for African Nations.

January, 1972 to July, 1972