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Seminar/Lecture Room:

Daily Seminar / Lecture will be held in the Lecture Room while syndicate discussions will take place in the VIP Lounge. Smoking is not allowed in the Academy premises.  Also no visitors or telephone calls would be allowed during lecture except in emergency Case.

Accommodation for the trainee officers has been arranged inside "Sugandha". Rooms have been allotted to them for the entire course period. Overnight stay at the campus is compulsory even during week end. The Officers need permission for staying out on weekend and must return to the Academy on Saturday evening. Both attendance and behavior in the Academy will be considered for final evaluation. Proper maintenance and cleanliness of the rooms are part of the training program.

The Telephone in Reception Room can be used  by the officers and they are not to receive Telephone Calls during class hours,  and must not use mobile during classes and formal programs.

Medical Facilities:
For any serious ailment the Trainee Officers are requested to  report to the Vice Principal. Depending on the seriousness of the situation, the Trainees may go to the nearest hospitals such a BIRDEM, BSMMU and Holy Family for medical care and tests.

The Academy will arrange transport on a need basis. Official transport will be provided for outdoor study tour and any programs arranged by the Academy.