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Parallel Session Details

Annotated Programme for Discussion Session for Observers
(For CVF observers and international organisations only)

Time    :  1630-1800, 13 November 2011(Sunday)

Venue  :  Surma, Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel, Dhaka

Theme : Forging effective and durable partnership to support the climatically vulnerable countries

Anchor Persons:  To be identified

Sequence of the Programme

  • Anchorperson(s) to set the context - 05 minutes
  • Organisation of the Discussion Session - 01 minute
  • Discussion -75 minutes
  • Lead discussant -1     : One delegate of DARA (TBD)

  • Lead discussants -2    : Donor representatives

(EU/ US/ JICA/Norway/UNDP)

Representatives of the Maldives, Kiribati and Bangladesh may also attend to articulate requirements of support and engage in the discussion

Summing up of the discussion by anchor persons including possible recommendations - 06 Minutes

Recommendations may be circulated at the Forum on 14 Nov 2011.