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It is indeed very important to follow a comprehensive and sound methodology in the training program so that officers can be trained in an efficient way. Ministry of Foreign Affairs is conducting this basic training program over the past years which is updated and enhanced from time to time. Currently the basic methodologies on how this training program is conducted are as follows:

1. Lectures/Discussions:

The actual lecture will be for 45 minutes, and 15 minutes will be allowed for Q & A. one week in advance Class schedules will be circulated .Trainee Officers are encouraged to articulate their ideas during classes. Participants are also expected to complete the required reading before each lecture.  Emphasis will be placed on objective analysis and perception of multiple facts of a given problem.

2. Audio-Visual Back-up

To supplement the lectures, audio-visual equipment, charts and maps would be made available. DVD on diplomacy and course related themes will also be shown.

3. Eminent Lectures Series

Eminent lecture series on topical issues of international importance will be delivered by highly experienced and renowned scholars and specialists.

4. Review Sessions

Periodic Review Sessions will be held by the Principal to assess the extent to which the participants are able to benefit from the scheduled Course.

5. Counseling Sessions

Trainee Officers are expected to attend counseling sessions with the Principal to discuss any difficulties faced during the training course.

6. Social Evening

Social events as listed by the Academy are as compulsory as other programs and attending those will have its reflection in the final grading. The Trainee Officers are expected to learn to interact with the people from different walks of life. In view of this, Mess Nights would be held at the Academy occasionally to which a number of guests would be invited. There would also be lunches and dinners with Guest Speakers.

7. Language at the FSA

Language of Communication for the Academy is English. For attaining proficiency in English, the Trainee Officers would be expected to use English in their conversation with the Faculty Members, the Guest Teachers and among themselves during the programs of the Academy.

8. Coordinator of the month:

Every month one of Trainee Officers will act as the Coordinator of the group who will receive and see-off the Guest Speaker, propose the Vote of Thanks at the end of the last lecture of each Guest Speaker and generally manage the smooth passage of the program during the month. The Coordinator will maintain the Attendance Record and keep in close contact with the Vice Principal. He will also ensure that Books and Periodicals in the Library are kept in their proper places by the Trainee Officers after use.

9. Bimonthly Project Report & Academy Review:

As per Training requirement of the Specialized Diplomatic Training Course, the Trainees will submit a Project Report   based on Modules and Academy Review on a bimonthly basis. Officers are requested to produce   Reports & Review jointly to be supervised by the Vice Principal.

10. Field Trips and Tour Reports:

The Trainees will participate in all study tours inside and outside the country during the course. They are required to submit separate Tours Reports at the end of each trip. Visits to some important organizations and places in and around Dhaka city will also be arranged during the course period.

11. Leave:

Normally there is no provision for allowing Causal Leave or Earned Leave to the Trainee Officers during the entire training course. They should, therefore, make any such request only during unavoidable situation. Absence/delay in classes would be noted and reflected in the final evaluation.

12. Visitors:

The Trainee Officers are allowed to receive Visitors / Guests only during free time. They should not receive any visitor during training hours except in emergencies. They are not allowed to receive any guest at the Living Quarter. They can use the Reception Room of the Academy building for attending their guests.