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17th April, 1971 the provisional BD government sworn in.

International conference in London in support of Bangladesh Liberation war- 18th Sept 1971.

Senegal’s President Leopold Senghor with Bangabandhu.

Illustrious French Writer & diplomat Andre Malroux visited Dhaka on invitation of Bangabandhu

Bangabandhu shared his thoughts with Egypt’s President Anwar Sadat

Algerian President Houari Boremeddiene BD’s Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Pakistan’s PM Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto at the OIC summit conference Lahore, 1974

Bangabandhu with Cuban president Fidel Castro

Sheikh Mujib read out welcome address during Chinese Premier Chou En – Lai’s Visit to Dhaka – 26 Feb, 1956

Bangabandhu with Queen Elizabeth II and commonwealth Head of state

Bangabandhu arrives in Pakistan in January 1972. He is welcomed by the British premier Edward Health

Bangabandhu at Buckingham palace with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

Bangabandhu with President Gerald Ford of the white house – 1974

Bangabandhu with Iraqi President Ahmad Hasan AL-Bakar

OIC – Summit conference in Lahore – 1974

Indira Gandhi, the Hon’ble PM of India leaves Bangladesh after her visit

Bangabandhu and the Prime Minister of Japan Tanaka

World leaders and global media relented positive support to the lawful demands of the Bengalis in 1971

Ominous fall, the murderous Pakistani Army let those henchmen, the leading engrail intellectuals

Bangabandhu with Zambia’s President Kenneth kaunda

Malaysian King Abdul Halim and Bangabandhu

Bangabandhu with the Ameer of Kuwait

Bangabandhu speaks in Kremlin

Bangabandhu meets UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim

A meeting of Legends Bangabandhu and Yugoslavia’s Marshal Joseph Broz